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  • Bronte Skinner

    I just want to let you know about the amazing service one of your drivers provided. I got in his taxi last night, pretty intoxicated to say the least, and I’d left my phone in it. I didn't realise this until this morning! I went to message a friend to ask them to ring it and see if they could get through (didn't think I'd have a hope in hell to be honest).  When I went on Facebook I saw a message sent by ‘MY ACCOUNT’ from the driver saying I'd left my phone in his taxi and to ring his mobile number. My sister had to ring him for me as I was phoneless, she told me he had rang my mum to let her know he'd dropped me home and that I'd left my phone just in case she was worried.

    The driver dropped my phone off for me and was even apologising for having to go through it! Absolute top guy! If only everyone was like this!! Just wanted to make sure you knew what a kind honest guy he is!!