We have a new offer for new owner drivers who join Station Taxis! Join Station Taxis as a new single shifted owner-driver and receive 8 weeks free rank. If you have your own Private Hire or Hackney Carriage vehicle you can join our fleet and take advantage of this offer.

4 weeks holiday

Take 4 weeks holiday at any time, on a pro-rata basis. You can choose to use this for holidays and leisure, or you can even choose to work for free during this time.

4 weeks free

When you have worked for Station Taxis for 6 months you will receive 4 weeks free rank.

*Offer is valid for new drivers starting with Station Taxis from 03/09/2018. Offer is valid for single-shifted (owner is the only driver) vehicles only. Offer must be claimed before owner-driver starts Station Taxis.