Face coverings now mandatory

In line with the new Government measures announced, it is now mandatory to wear a face covering when travelling by taxi.

We will require all passengers to wear a face covering when travelling with us, unless they are exempt because of their age, medical condition and/or disability. For more information on exemptions, please visit: https://bit.ly/2G4NfTn

Please do not be offended if your driver asks you to wear a mask. The Government have put enforcement measures in place for failing to comply with this law, and passengers could potentially be fined.

Here are some other tips to stay safe while travelling with us:

  • Please sit in the back seat where possible, to minimise close contact with the driver
  • We advise that you opt to pay by card to limit the handling of cash. You can pay by card by downloading our app www.stationtaxis.com/mobile-app or in the vehicle at the end of your journey
  • Please use hand sanitiser before and after your journey
  • If you have any luggage or shopping items to take on your journey with you, we ask that you load and unload these from the vehicle yourself. This will limit contact wherever possible, but assistance will be provided when necessary and requested