As Sunderland’s longest established taxi company, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with a safe, reliable taxi service and continue to uphold this reputation.

All of our vehicles are GPS tracked

Our drivers are uniformed and wear a badge

Most of our vehicles have CCTV fitted

Our drivers are required to complete an enhanced DBS check, Passenger Assistance Training and our in-house Customer Service Training Programme, which includes Safeguarding from Northumbria Police

We check the standard and safety of our vehicles in our routine checks

We provide the latest technology for our customers peace of mind, allowing them to be updated on vehicle and driver details upon dispatch

Work closely with Local Authorities

We want everyone in Sunderland to feel safe travelling by taxi, whether they use ourselves or other licenced vehicles. With this in mind, we have put together the following tips and information to share with your family and friends:

Check the vehicle has a licence plate on the rear, you can take a photo of this if needs be

Check the driver is wearing their identity badge

Carry a mobile phone whenever possible and share your journey details with someone you know

Sit in the rear seats of the vehicle if possible

Be cautious when making a booking in a public place to make sure your details are not heard by strangers

Don’t forget any luggage, bags or valuables when leaving the vehicle

Use an app to book your taxi to track your vehicle and receive details about the vehicle and driver

Ensure you have enough funds to pay for the journey

It is important that people can identify a licensed Sunderland vehicle.