New driver offer

We have a new offer for new owner drivers who join Station Taxis!

Join Station Taxis as a new single shifted owner-driver and receive 8 weeks free rank.

If you have your own Private Hire or Hackney Carriage vehicle you can join our fleet and take advantage of this offer.

This offer consists of the following:

  • 4 weeks holiday – take 4 weeks holiday at any time, on a pro-rata basis. You can choose to use this for holidays and leisure, or you can even choose to work for free during this time.
  • 4 weeks free for new owner drivers – when you have worked for Station Taxis for 6 months you will receive 4 weeks free rank.
  • Join a well established professional company
  • We have been around since 1901 and as Sunderland’s largest taxi company we have a large customer base which results in more work for our drivers.

Enjoy flexible working

Start and finish whenever you like, choose what days and hours you work. We don’t put any restrictions on what shifts you would like to do.

Assistance with contracts

We have a regular flow of new contracts. If a contract is something you are interested in, we can give you full support and guidance with the tender process to help you secure a contract that is right for you.

Automated dispatch

We have a fully automated booking and dispatch system which ensures that there is a consistent, accurate and fair dispatch of work to all drivers.


We have a large range of corporate accounts with local businesses and multi-national companies. With us, there is no guessing, you will always know what you are going to get for your fare. We do not compete on price with other companies and try to negotiate the best possible deals for our drivers.

You can find out more by calling Lorraine on 0191 516 5070 or emailing